Pendant watches

A penchant for beauty

Pendantif Black

Pendant watches are a very special form of the traditional art of fine watchmaking. These decorative watches radiate a unique charm. In the late 19th century, stylish women displayed their up-to-the-minute fashion credentials by wearing a pendant watch. These beautiful, decorative watches were worn on a chain and stole the hearts of fashionable women. The watchmakers at Bucherer also produced these practical timepieces, setting a champagne-colored dial into a silver and black enamel case. The distinctive minute markers perfectly reflected the spirit of the 1930s.

Pendantiv Silver

The pendant watches of the 1950s were more playful and delicately decorative. A white gold case housed a silver-colored dial with floral reliefs. A true flower of its time.

Today, pendant watches are still popular with women all over the world. B SWISS continues to produce these stylish watches with the same degree of dedication. Whether simple and discreet or finely decorated – some with hand-crafted gold ornamentation – these beautiful timepieces create a statement for every age.